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#YES BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT MOFFAT BRINGS RELATIONSHIPS DOWN TO #who loves who more and who deserves who more #and OF COURSE IT’S AMY WHO HAS TO ‘GIVE RORY UP’ #you know the same man she has had to constantly defend her love for after the whole 2000 years crap #because she is ~~~~UNDESERVING OF HIS RIDICULOUS LOVE #and can’t give him babies because you know THAT’S THE ONLY THING A WOMAN IS GOOD FOR #congratulations moffat on being an absolute prick #this is ridiculous i weep for the feminist movement i really do

Do you know what? No. I’m not having this. For once, I’m not having it. Yes, I agree, there was a lot of problematic bits, I didn’t really like the whole Demons Run -Now Amy Can’t Have Babies segment cos s***, give her all that pregnancy bs and then ruin it. Horrible. But actually, the only person Amy had ever had to defend her love to is the F***ING FANDOM. Rory has NEVER until this episode said “Hey, I waited 2000 years - how about you do the washing up for once?” - he has NEVER flaunted that. EVer. He was distraught when Amy waited 36 years, distraught when she went through all the demons run bs but if I remember rightly, the fandom was all “UH UH AMY STOP COMPLAINING RORY LOVED YOU MOAR HE WAITED 2000 YEARS NOT STUPID 36 WHICH IS BASICALLY LIKE TWO MINUTES” Amy became public enemy no. 1. But she never had to defend herself to Rory EVER. Until now. But you know the real reason Rory brought that up right - cos Moffat had to DRUM IT INTO US ALL THAT AMY LOVED HIM JUST AS MUCH. HE HAD SOMETHING TO SHOW US. And yes, perhaps he should not have chosen such a problematic and loaded way of demonstrating this - BUT AMY DID NOT “HAVE” TO GIVE RORY UP. She knew Rory wanted kids and she loved him and do you think people ever think straight in those situations ever? She loved him so much she worried that she couldn’t make him happy - and that was Rory’s problem as well. HE WAS CONSTANTLY WORRIED THAT HE WASN’T ENOUGH FOR MAD IMPOSSIBE AMY WHEN CLEARLY SHE WAS WORRIED TOO. AND THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS THEY WERE BOTH GOOD ENOUGH FOR EACH OTHER, RORY LOVES HER MORE THAN HE LOVES HER UTERUS AND WOMEN DON’T ACTUALLY HAVE TO GIVE ANYTHING UP BECAUSE OF THIS - Amy was wrong. THAT WAS THE POINT. JESUS. 

^ This.

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